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The scholarship and research support will normally be provided based on the criteria below :

-  After admission, students will be required to maintain a graduate level Grade Point Average (GPA) of B or a minimum of B from the course ;

-  During the course curriculum phase, students will be required to develop a detailed research programme,including budget ;

-  During the project/research stage, students are expected to present their progress reports regularly and be evaluated accordingly.

All scholarship-holding PhD fellows will receive a stipend of € 500.00 per month (€350.00 during the pre-course language preparations) to cover accommodation and other expenses for their study period.

Research funds will also be made available to students after approval of their research budget by their advisor/supervisor and WASCAL.

The student will travel to Germany once during the course of the PhD fellowship period to work with scientists at German universities or research centers. Airfare will be paid for by the project and a monthly stipend of about €1000.00 will also be provided for each month spent in Germany.