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West African Science Service
Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use
Climate change (CC) constitutes the most striking environmental risk on which the attention of the whole world is focused because of its global dimension and its negative effects on socio-ecological systems. The effects of climate change will increase in the coming years, with the greatest impacts on the most vulnerable populations and ecosystems in the world.
The training of highly qualified people, together with (...) Lire la suite

Student Eligibility

The entry requirements into the program are as follows :
Candidates must be from the one of the WASCAL countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo) ;
Candidates must not be more than 40 years old ;
Candidates must have a Master’s Degree, or its equivalent, in Agronomy, Soil Science, Crop Science, Agroforestry, Forestry, Animal Science or other relevant disciplines, with at least an average of 60 % (Second Upper Class, Assez (...) Lire la suite

Language requirements

The program is an English-speaking graduate program. The following are the language requirements :
Basic Certificate in English Language ;
Functional Certificate in English Language ;
A three-month intensive English language training course will be offered at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana, for the selected francophone students before the beginning of the program.
At the end of this English language course, students will have to pass an English language proficiency test e.g. TOEFL (...) Lire la suite

Scholarship and Research Support

The scholarship and research support will normally be provided based on the criteria below :
After admission, students will be required to maintain a graduate level Grade Point Average (GPA) of B or a minimum of B from the course ;
During the course curriculum phase, students will be required to develop a detailed research programme,including budget ;
During the project/research stage, students are expected to present their progress reports regularly and be evaluated accordingly.
All (...) Lire la suite

Outline of the program

The time required for the completion of the PhD program is 3 years.
Training components
The following steps are required : English upgrade (see 3. Langage requirements above), classroom courses, and research component.
Intensive Classroom Courses (6 months)
Registered students will take part in six months of intensive course work at IPR/IFRA (Mali).
Contents of the Program : The teaching units or modules are as follows :
i. Introduction to Climate Change ;
ii. Research Methodology and Skills (...) Lire la suite

Application Procedure and Contact

Candidates may apply directly to the GRP CC&A by submitting all information requested via e-mail to Prof. Famanta Mahamoudou, e-mail : and copy to Mamadou Ibrahim Ouattara, e-mail : and to Thomas Gaiser, e-mail :
Deadline : April 15, 2012
Publication of the Selection Outcome
IPR/IFRA in collaboration with the GRP CC&A Advisory Board will short list candidates and later select one candidate from each country. There may be the need for a (...) Lire la suite